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JULY, 2017



This problem seems to have eased this year. I hope this trend continues. I believe the presence of the cameras has made a difference.

Clubhouse - air rifle range and use of club equipment:

We have central air conditioning and heat in our range building. There are officers AT THE RANGE on most Monday and Tuesday evenings (CALL 601-341-8797 BEFORE COMING). Members may use most of the club's equipment on these evenings. Call first to be sure we will be there.

Thank You Tersie Oliphant:

Tersie installed the 100 yard range target carrier system, by himself. We all owe him a Thank You. He also installed the concrete bench tops under the shed. He also did this by himself. ( a few years back)

We need junior shooters for our program:

    We need Junior shooters for our air gun program. We will also help train the Juniors in the use of other arms such as M1 Garand, AR-15, .22 rimfire Rifles and Pistols and Trap shooting. Call me at 601-341-8797.

NRA membership is required for Southwest Gun Club members:

    We passed a rule in the club, in 1988, that we would require NRA Membership for all Southwest Gun Club Members.  We will require a current NRA membership card or payment before we accept dues this year or issue cards to life members.  Our club is now a NRA Membership Recruiter.  I can take the money for NRA memberships and get cash back on each new membership or renewal will reward the club.   The club has been awarded the Gold Club Award and 100% membership is required.  Range Grants rely on the club being 100% NRA Members.  There is a Membership without magazine that is $10.00 per year.  Many of our new members have chosen this membership.

Ammunition available for sale to club members for use at club events only:

All ammunition sales, except .30 M2 and .223 Prvi Partisan will be cash only. Bring the right change.

.22 Long Rifle Remington Target $2.00 or $.04 per round
.22 Long Rifle Winchester Standard Velocity $3.00 or $.06 per round
.22 Long Rifle S-K Standard $5.00 or $.10 per round
RWS Hobby .177 pellets 500 $7.00
RWS R-10 .177 pellets 500  $15.00
Note: All .22 rimfire ammo is 50 to a box

High power Ammunition
.223 Winchester 55 gr $.50 per round. The club keeps the brass.
.223 Prvi Partisan 75 gr Match $.55 per round. The club keeps the brass.
.30-06 M2 Ball $.60 per round. The club keeps the brass.

Shotgun ammo
12 Ga Winchester AA   3 dram 1-1/8 oz. #8         per box  $8.00 or $.35 per round
20 Ga Winchester AA   2-1/2 dram 7/8 oz. #8    per box  $8.00 or $.35 per round
12 Ga Federal Target    3 dram 1-1/8 oz. #8         per box $7.00 or $.30 per round
The club keeps the empty shells.

The exact number of rounds will be issued on the line for the event being held. The ammo issued shall be fired the day of the match with no substitutions.

NOTE: Junior shooters are issued any type ammo except .223 75 gr Match ammo free, if they are active in our Junior Program.

Bullseye handgun tournaments: (vintage military handgun)

What: A tournament using a variety of handguns shooting with one hand at targets at 25 yards. The course of fire and handguns may differ from month to month. The complete program will be sent by email the week before the tournament. Let us try a variety of events in the rest of the year.

When: 7/22/17, 8/12/17, 9/16/17, 10/28/17, 11/18/17 & 12/16/17 signup at 8:30AM shooting starts 9:00AM

Equipment: To be announced before the match.

This tournament can be used as an NRA style 900 .22 rimfire Outdoor Pistol Event, except when an International Pistol Course is used. .22 rimfire handguns are available for club member's use in these matches.

Use of club owned rifles and shooting equipment:

We have the following equipment available for club member's use:

Ruger 10/22 rifles with 2.5x10 Tasco telescopes
Ruger Mark III 5.5" target pistols
M1 Garand Rifles
AR-15 NM A2 rifles
Mossberg 44 and 144 .22 rimfire rifles
Remington 11/87 20 ga. shotguns
Remington 1100 12 ga. shotgun with 30" full barrel

We will make these rifles, pistols and shotguns available for club member's use at club events. There will be no loaning the firearms by hand receipts, except to members going to a match not held at the SGC Range.  Then the firearm must be returned ASAP after the match is completed. The shooter will have to notify the club official operating the tournament, in advance of the match, anytime they want to borrow a firearm. No ammunition will be fired in club rifles, pistols or shotguns that is not issued or approved by the club.


    We will conduct Junior practices as noted on the schedule.  Any club member that wishes to help the Junior shooting program is more than welcome to attend these practices. Helping with Junior Programs will count as a work-day. We are not going to shoot shotgun as a regular event at our Junior practices. The cost of the shells and the clay targets amounts to over $.34 for each shot fired. The use of air rifle and pistol as well as .22 rimfire rifle and pistol is much more economical than shotgun shooting. The cost to the Junior Shooters will be the $10 annual club membership and $2.00 per practice.


    We will be conducting these events each Monday (except as noted). We will have a relay at 5:00PM. The fee will be $5.00 per night. This will include the use of a Baikal IZH-46M pistol, Morini air pistol, CZ air pistol, pellets and targets. Adult Men will shoot 60 shots each night and Junior and Women shooters will shoot 40 shots but they can shoot 60 shots if they desire to do so. For more information call the Secretary. If you really want to learn to shoot a pistol with one hand, this is the way to do it. It is the most challenging pistol sport I have ever participated in.


    We will be conducting these events as indicated on the schedule. If you are interested in participating in the trap shoots, call or email the Secretary, so he can put you on a list of shooters. The fee for a round of trap will be $5.00. The shooter has to furnish his/her ammunition. No shotgun cartridges should be used at our trap shoots that are more powerful than 3 dram 1-1/8 oz. shot. No shot size will be allowed larger than 7-1/2.

    The ATA Style Trap Range is Open. We still have to get the range set up and approved by the ATA before we can conduct ATA approved tournaments at our club. We have the capability of shooting informal, 5 stand and ATA style matches.
    We have a few open weekends this year. The trap committee may decide to call additional trap matches on these open weekends, weather allowing. Check your email for information.



Southwest Gun Club's McComb Range facility.  It is 6 miles East of McComb, MS on US Highway 98 East. When driving from McComb, drive East on US98 until you see the Homestead turnoff sign. Drive 2 miles further and the entrance to the range is on the North side of the road. If driving from Tylertown, MS, drive past the Bogue Chitto River Park and look for a roadside market on the right. The range road is 2.2 miles past the store, on the right. The name of the range road is Edna Drive.


Sign up time 8:30AM, Start time 9AM. October 21, 2017


An informal rifle, pistol and shotgun tournament designed to take advantage of the rapid fire capabilities of sporting rifles, handguns and shotguns.


Any safe .22 long rifle caliber rifle with iron sights or telescope will be allowed. No laser sights. Maximum weight of rifles with sights is 8.5 pounds.

Any safe .22 long rifle caliber pistol or revolver with iron sights.

Any safe repeating shotgun of 12, 16 or 20 gauge that holds 5 shots is eligible.


Any safe .22 rimfire Long Rifle cartridges may be used. No .22 Winchester Magnum, .22 W.R.F. or .17 rimfire ammo allowed. No tracer ammunition allowed.

Shotgun shells shall have a maximum load of 3 drams with 1-1/8 ounces of shot. Shot size will be no larger than 7-1/2.


Eye and hearing protection for Adult shooters is highly recommended. Eye and hearing protection for Junior shooters is mandatory.


Sight in period will be provided at 20 yards, before the event begins.

The distance to the targets with all firearms will be 20 yards.

6 rounds will be loaded in the rifle and pistol and the firearms will be spotted on the table, in a loaded and ready condition with the safety on.

5 rounds will be loaded in the shotgun and the firearm will be spotted on the table on the far right, with the safety on.

NOTE: Each table will have a safety officer standing by to be sure the loaded firearms are not interfered with by a spectator.

Starting with the pistol, the shooter is given the command "Stand ready". On the sound of the buzzer, the shooter will pick up the pistol and shoot at the 6 plates from left to right. If a plate is missed, the shooter will engage the next plate to the right.

When all 6 shots with the pistol are fired, the shooter will make the pistol safe and move to the right of the table and pick up the rifle and engage the second rack of plates from left to right. If a plate is missed, the shooter will engage the next plate to the right.

When all 6 shots with the rifle are fired, the shooter will make the rifle safe and move to the right of the table and pick up the shotgun and engage the third rack of plates from left to right. If a plate is missed, the shooter will engage the next plate to the right.

When all 5 shots with the shotgun are fired, the shooter will make the shotgun safe.

NOTE: If a shooter misses a plate and shoots at it a second time, the second shot will be considered a miss even if it hits the plate.

All rifle, pistol and shotgun shooting will be done standing with no part of the body touching the table. Slings may not be used during the rifle stage.

All pistol shooting may be done one or two handed.


The shooter with the most hits will be the winner. Ties will be broken with the fastest time. The fastest time will be used as an "X" count.

With the speed this event is fired in, we should be able to shoot several courses of fire. The number of courses fired will depend on the number of shooters attending and time considerations. Be prepared to shoot this course of fire multiple times.

I think this will be an excellent fun event. It will emphasize speed with accuracy.

Our club has 5- Ruger 10/22 rifles set up with 2.5x10x42mm Tasco scopes. We also have 5-Ruger Mark III 5.5" .22 LR target pistols. We also have two Remington 11-87 - 20 gauge shotguns and a Remington 1100 12 gauge shotgun for club member's use. Southwest Gun Club Junior Members, in our training program, will be issued .22 rimfire ammo and 12&20 gauge shotgun ammo free of charge, furnished by The Youth Sport Shooting Alliance.

Senior members will have the following ammo available for purchase.
Remington .22 Standard Velocity $2.00 per box of 50
12 or 20 ga. trap shotgun shells $.35 per round
No checks for ammo purchases, cash only
Fees: $10 for Seniors and $5 for Juniors.



We will conduct this program again on Saturday October 14, 2017. We encourage those that attended in the past to come back and shoot with us again. Pre-registration is encouraged. Those that pre-register will be sure to have a spot on the relays. Lunch will be provided. The fee this year will be $25.00. We will instruct the participants in .22 rimfire rifle, .22 rimfire pistol, .177 air pistol and shotgun shooting.


When: 9/9/17 & 12/9/17

Rules: CMP Competition Rules

Entries start: 8:30AM, FIRING STARTS 9:00 AM

What: An event designed to instruct shooters in the proper use, care and feeding of the M1 Rifle.

Sponsored by: Southwest Gun Club

DIRECTIONS TO RANGE: Southwest Gun Club's McComb Range facility.  It is 6 miles East of McComb, MS on US Highway 98. When driving from McComb, drive East on US98 until you see the Homestead turnoff sign. Drive 2 miles further and the driveway to the range is on the North side of the road. It is a driveway that cuts into the hill. There is no sign or marking on the driveway for the club. You will have to drive to the next turn around and come back to the driveway. Drive to the back of the property. If driving from Tylertown, MS, drive past the Bogue Chitto River Park and look for a roadside market on the right. The range driveway is 2.2 miles past the store, on the right. The name of the range road is Edna Drive, McComb, MS for GPS use.

Eligibility: Any US Citizen 14 years old or older.

Entries and Entry Fees: The form is below. Seniors: $40.00 including ammunition. Juniors: will have to join the club for $10.00. The match and ammo are free to all Juniors. A shooter is considered a Junior until the last day of the year of their 20th Birthday. Forms will be collected on range day.

Equipment: Shooting coats of canvas or leather and gloves are allowed. Spotting telescopes and ground mats are allowed. Standard Military slings of canvas or leather may be used except in standing position.

Rifles allowed: The club will furnish M1 Garand Rifles. Privately owned M1 Garand Rifles may be used. Any alterations to private M1 rifles will disqualify the shooter.

Ammunition: .30-06 ammunition furnished. All brass will be the property of the club.

Course of fire: John C. Garand Match Course A. All shooting done at 100 yards on the SR-1 target,
1. 5 shots for sighters and 10 shots in prone slow fire single loaded 15 minutes time limit including 5 sighters
2. 10 shots in prone rapid fire from standing 70 seconds.
3. 10 shots standing slow fire 10 minutes
4. Aggregate of 1-2-3

General information: Bring water and lunch. Eye and hearing protection are highly recommended.

Contact for more information or to make entry:
Doug Bowser
PO Box 1061
McComb, MS 39649

Notification to match directors of intent to attend a tournament:

    We are asking that members and non-members call or email the Match Director or Secretary to let them know if they are going to attend a match. This will make it easier for the Match Directors to plan their relays and arrange the equipment for the event. The Match Director's phone numbers are listed on the Gun Club Schedule.

   When handling firearms in a tournament, it is best to bring them up to the firing line in a closed case. The muzzle of the firearm should be pointed downrange and the case opened at the firing line as to not sweep anyone with the firearm. All shotguns will be moved to the range with their muzzles held vertically.